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What is Sisters in Charge International?

Sisters in Charge International is an agile, international and influential community, a NGO of active, experienced and engaged women. Founded in 2014, SiCi now stands for the dialogue creating access to expertise and women's dignity globally. Our target group is educated women in vulnerable societies of Gender Balance. 

SiCi enhances the Women Effect in the societies. It is undeniable that in countries where women have access to income, the societies are more prosperous as women invest back to their families and communities and educate their children.

Our values

Gender Balanced

Culturally Curious and Kind


We respect entrepreneurial mindset of innovating, being open minded and ahead of time. We aim at increasing women’s well being and prosperity.

We respect other cultures, beliefs and habits, we want to learn, study, research and share.

We promote gender-partnered leadership as it has the power to revitalize economic engines to spur waves of phenomenal economic, organizations and personal growth. 

Our mission

SiCi stands for access to expertise and sister's dignity globally.

Based on the strategy dialogue with leading organizations and influencers SiCi defined its own goals in 2015. As the outcome from the dialogue it was clear that the differentiative positioning of SiCi should be in creating “Access to Experience” as the means to support the Women Effect in the world. The main driver is to accelerate the integration of women into the economic mainstream in the development countries of Gender-Balance.  These countries can be found in North and South, in East and West.

What is different at SiCi?

The gender-balanced mindset develops with the family, education and culture. The earlier the respectful and fair mindset for others is build, the stronger the self respect of is growing. Therefore SiCi supports equally young boys and girls in their growth to have a gender-balanced mindset. SiCi also advocates that in order to create women access to prosperity, women should come together from various sectors of the society. Today, many women organizations concentrate in a specific sectors like trade, culture, health or technology etc. In order to think out of the box in our own countries, we need to bridge culture barriers and traditions of different sectors like influencers from art, sports, business, government, media etc.

SiCi is working on educated and influential level of societies, not gras root. Many humanitarian and women organization are active in this area. SiCi believes to empowerement of joint, inclusive and passionate individuals who have an education and being influential and equipped to build Women Effect in their communities.

SiCi identifies women in the middle of the pyramid who can make an impact locally. 

What is there for me?

We meet at smaller or larger private and public events internationally. We travel together to meet, mentor and share insights. With Sisters in Charge International you have a chance to significantly influence peoples lives. We are committed to support International Trade Center's (ITC) goal to get 1 Million Women Owned Businesses (WOB) in the world by 2020. 

How to become a SiCi influencer? Contact us and we will let you know!


SISTER profile

A Sister is someone who does not dance to someone else's tune.

She is culturally curious and kind, entrepreneurial in spirit and has a gender-balanced mindset.  Sisters in Charge International form a Talent Pool of trusted, kind, multisector and diverse network.

SiCi sisters in Shanghai

SiCi sister in Shanghai

SiCi sister Annamari

SiCi sister Vandana

SiCi sister in Shanghai

SiCi's keywords

SiCi statement


Women should have access to experience, networks and markets in order to increase their quality of life. SiCi wants to accelerate the integration of women to the economic mainstream. Therefore SiCi engages in a dialogue with influential stakeholders and supports initiatives that create safe and inclusive working environment and opportunities for women.

Dialogue partners


Sisters in Charge International enhances womens's access to markets, networks and experience in the world's economies. To support this goal SiCi is in dialogue with:


  • Governments 

  • Leading organizations like International Trade Center (ITC) 

  • Local women networks

  • Local influential individuals with the same goals


How do we work?

SiCi's forms of operations

SiCi Access Projects

SiCi is open for suggestions on concrete projects internationally based on the above principles. The age of the beneficiaries can vary from teens to old age. They can be targeted to female or male beneficieries.

SiCi Annual Summit 

Every year SiCi organizes an event for supporting the access to experience and markets.

SiCi Ventures – sharing events 

SiCi also gathers sisters together to share their stories and enrichen the culture intelligence. 

SiCi Talent Pool

SiCi is full of talent and develops the forms for sharing and mentoring.

SiCi Learning Trips

SiCi organizes learning trips to different countries with small group of sisters. These trips are a combination of workshops and culture learning program.


SiCi Annual Summit 2020 will be in Kenya! More info will follow.

SiCi Annual Summit in Estonia was held in Tallinn, 16th August 2019

Welcome to our inspirational Annual Summit!

Theme of the Summit: "Women and Startup"

Time: 16.08.2019 at 4 PM

Place: Sokos Hotel Viru Conference Centre

Participants fee: 20 €



Annamari Lammassaari, Chairman of the Board, Sisters in Charge International & Hannu Arhinmäki, Economic Advisor at the Finnish Embassy

Who will share their stories?

  • Anna-Greta Tsahkna, CEO at Timbeter 

  • Marion Hein, Service Center Manager at AZETS

  • Minna-Maija Jokisalo, Member of the Board, Sisters in Charge International, entrepreneur

  • Caritta Seppä, COO and Co-Founder of Tespack

MC of the event is Marget Haug, entrepreneur

Read more

SiCi International Summit 26th August - 3rd October 2018 in Iran

Sisters were invited to Iran by a local women entrepreneurs association. The trip was once in a life time event combining great history and culture of Espahan and meeting and sharing with local sisters in Iran. There was also additional trip to iconic places Esfahan and Siraz and Get Together Dinner in the Finnish Embassy.

“This Annual Summit strengthened SiCi’s role as an enabler. Connecting people from multiple fields and various carriers, SiCi offers a channel for interaction to happen and thus there is development towards prosperity”, says Annamari Lammassaari, the founder of SiCi.


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Our achievements

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